12 April 2011


Yes busyness is just what is going on around here at the moment.
The keys for the cottage were collected this morning and DS and Mr Manic have moved two van loads of stuff from the old house and the lawns have been mowed at the new place. Tomorrow I will be at home with Miss Doodle (hope she's in a better mood than DS and Mr Manic will be moving all of the big stuff while DDIL and DD pack up the remaining small stuff ready to be moved last thing. Everyone will then descend here for a hot meal.
Miss Doodle will stay the night so that her room can be got ready properly and I am not sure if she is here on Thursday for the day or not. Hopefully Friday....which is my birthday....will be a little quieter and then we have a  houseful of visitors on Sunday.
The pain in my back reduced me to tears this morning so once all this busyness is out of the way I am off to the docs again to try and get it sorted properly.
No crafting getting done....story of my life at the moment. I am desperate to get a few quiet days in a row to spend upstairs and get my teeth into something.
Off to see if I can soak a bit of the pain away in a nice hot bath.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. So sorry to hear your back is so agonising Sheila. I was very lucky the other week as mine is now behaving itself after treating it gently for a day or two. Hope you get chance for a rest very soon and if I don't get chance to pop by before Friday have a lovely birthday.

    Lesley Xx

  2. So sorry to read you are in so much pain Sheila, on the positive side I know you will love having the family close by. Happy Birthday for Friday just in case I don't get on here on the day.
    Love & Hugs xxx


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