Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Simple Spring Trio!!!

Managed just two hours of uninterrupted crafting today but I did manage to make eight of the above cards for the local shop. It used up a small pile of stashed papers,some offcuts of silver card and the best part of a sheet of glittery dots on a sheet for the flower centres.Simple but I have to admit that I quite like them.

DS had instructions from DDIL to stay and shampoo the carpets at the old house today so I ended up having Ruby for longer than planned. No hardship though as she has me in stitches now she is talking. My teaching her to tell Smudge to 'shut up' when he barks rather backfired today. She was messing with the on/off button of the DVD player and I told her 'no' and she told me to shut up. How's that for a fourteen month old? It did make me giggle. She's going to be a cheeky one I think.

Well bed is calling me. I know.......just way too early for me but I am exhausted with this pain in my back and at least while I'm asleep I can't feel it.

Thanks for dropping by.

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