07 April 2011


Well playing with my new stuff from Mother's Day has come to a halt. I am up to my neck in special orders from DDIL's office, Ruby is coming for a few hours on Saturday while Daddy recovers from a friends stag night and Mummy goes on an all day hen party and Sunday hubby is at work so I have to cook lunch which somehow manages to do me out of any time upstairs whatsoever.......although I may get a couple of hours late evening.
When I gave up work to look after Ruby I planned so many projects and if I had written out a list I would bet my last pound that none of them have been ticked off.
Having said that.....we had a smashing day today. The weather was beautiful so I decided we would spend some time out in the garden despite my poor back and by sitting on my kneeling mat I have managed to weed and tidy the borders in the back garden.....with Ruby's help:)) She had a whale of a time digging with her hands so I think my next treat for her will be a tiny gardening set as my weeding fork was just a tad big for her although she gave it a good!!! Good job her Mummy didn't see the state she was in. I gave her a good scrub down before home time.
Think I shall get off to bed now as the fresh air has made me quite sleepy.
Thanks for dropping by.

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