Thursday, 28 April 2011

Neglected Blog!!!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts.......again.
It's been a tad busy round here as usual and I am getting hardly any time to craft at all except for maybe some quick sessions spent preparing layers etc for cards to put together quickly when I do finally manage to get some time.
Days are hectic with Ruby who is teething again and by the time she has gone home I am like a wrung out dishrag and all crafty mojo is out the window.
Today should be my day off but I have DS and Ruby staying overnight while DD, DDIL and her sister who is up from down south have a girlie night.....out for a meal and then back to the cottage for mucho vino and chinwagging.
Mr Manic has kindly offered a chip shop tea for tomorrow so that I can spend the day upstairs.......bless him to bits.
I'm just making a curry for Mr Manic and DS for their tea and I shall have to make something different for mine cos I couldn't eat curry if you paid me. I love the smell of it cooking but can't stand the taste.
What a boring post..........but I thought I had better let you know I hadn't emigrated or!!!
Bye for now.
Thanks for dropping by.

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