Sunday, 10 April 2011

I Just Knew It!!!

I knew I would end up paying for my lovely day yesterday somehow.
Today started quite nicely standing looking out at the sunshine while I prepared the Sunday lunch. Got some laundry out on the line flapping in a gentle breeze. 
Lunch was about five minutes or so from being cooked and I was just about to make the gravy when there was an almighty bang and the flamin' electricity went off. We had to call someone out as I will not under any circumstances let Mr Manic anywhere near anything electrical due to past experiences best forgotten. We ended up eating our lunch without gravy...yuck!!!
By two thirty we had power back (main fuse had blown) and just as I was about to go upstairs and get cracking on some work unexpected visitors arrived in the shape of Miss Doodle and family. They had been to check on things at the cottage and called in for a cuppa. So once I got upstairs at seven pm it was all a mad rush to complete some orders for collection tomorrow so no playtime for me today.
Ah well....maybe I'll get some tomorrow.
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