Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sorry..It's A Bit Pink....Again!!!

Love the shape and size of this heart rose wreath stamp from Artemio. The roses are a little indistinct though so I punched some flowers and stamens to add over the top.
Heart border is Martha Stewart.
Bow is a Sizzlet die.

Today has been so peaceful and relaxing. I have managed most of it upstairs and made a few cards for the shop but this afternoon I needed some fresh air so DD took me up to the garden centre and we got some new plants for the back garden to try and fill the borders up a bit as they are looking quite bare. So we have hollyhocks, yet another aquilegia and a vinca which I am hoping will grow rampantly down at the bottom of the garden under some bushes where nothing much else will grow. I chose a white one which should look lovely with the buddleia and the caryopteris which are both blue.
I was going a ride somewhere else after but my back needed to get home and rest although I did manage to walk round for quite a while longer than usual before it started playing up.

Feeling nicely chilled out now so I am off for a snuggle and a read on the sofa.

Thanks for dropping by.

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