Sunday, 17 April 2011

Getting Bad!!!

Huge, huge apologies for the lack of crafty posts just lately. Manic Towers seems to get more manic by the minute and I am just not getting any time upstairs at the moment. Well I did get a couple of hours up there today but it wasn't creating time. I inherited another desk from DS which matched another one I have so I have been able to use them as a base and set up a sewing area using a long piece of worktop which meant a bit of shuffling around. Tomorrow we have visitors dropping in. DDIL's mum and stepdad are coming up to see the cottage and then popping here for afternoon tea.
You can tell it's mad here as I haven't even been out to spend my birthday money!!!
Next week I only have Ruby for two days so if I don't get any time upstairs I shall scream very loudly and throw a hissy fit.
Talking of hissy fits.......Ruby had her first proper lie down on the floor, kick my legs and scream tantrum the other day. Oooooh it were a right good show. DD and I nearly cracked up with laughing.
Well I am off for a snuggle as I have gone really cold.
Thanks for dropping by.......if anyone still!!!

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  1. Oh shelia hope you get some play time soon. Hope the back is better.


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