Monday, 20 May 2013

Poorly Girl!!!

When I picked Ruby up from pre-school today she was complaining about a sore ear and so knowing that she had been swimming quite a lot last week I thought she may have an ear infection. I managed to get her in to see the doctor this evening and yes....she has an ear infection and tonsilitis. Apparently they no longer give antibiotics for an ear infection but as she had tonsilitis too she was prescribed some.
The doctor confirmed what I have always known.......Ruby has the hugest tonsils. She takes after her daddy.
After explaining to her what would happen at the doctors she was as good as gold. I'm so proud of my little munchkin.
No pre-school for her tomorrow. We are going to snuggle up and watch a film and there will be ice cream and freezer pops on tap if she should need them.......hang on a slight feeling of deja vu here this is exactly what we used to do when her daddy was little and had an attack of the killer!!!
I'm off for an early night ready to play nurse ganma. Tomorrow may be a long!!!
Tara for now.


  1. Hope Ruby feels better soon. I can remember my eldest suffering with tonsilitis, had to wait until he was 10 before they would remove them. I think the doctors were hoping he would grow out of it!

  2. Aww, poor little Ruby, I hope she feels better soon but she is good hands with you.
    Enjoy your snuggle time and the video's
    Christine xx


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