Thursday, 14 January 2016

Organised & Stuffing!!!

Neat and tidy cupboard tops using boxes and baskets from Poundland.
Homemade Sage and Onion Stuffing.

I still don't like stuff on the top of my cupboards but if it has to be there I am pleased that it is now organised and tidy.
All of the storage up there is baking stuff. Colourings, flavourings, sprinkles, icing cutters, biscuit cutters, icing bags and nozzles, pastry cutters, a biscuit gun and an obscene amount of cupcake cases.....I have a 'thing' about cupcake cases. No more hunting in drawers and cupboards it's all together ready for baking sessions.

Today we are having pork chops for our evening meal with veg and roasties but I had no stuffing mix. What I did have was about a quarter of a small stale bloomer loaf and an onion so I set about making my own. It tastes lovely as it is but hopefully will be even better when it's all golden and crusty from a while in the oven. As you can buy a box of stuffing from T**co for 15p it's not any cheaper as the onion was 20p or so but as there are no preservatives other than what may be in the bread......I think I can live with that.

My crafty job for today is making doll shoes. I will have to show them to you tomorrow as the glue is still drying and they are not finished off. They are so cute and Ruby will love them.

Bitterly cold here today and hubby lit the fire when he got in from work. He said there was snow on his van this morning but I have not seen any evidence of any here at home although we are predicted to have some today and tomorrow. Knowing my luck it will rain first so that the snow won't settle.

Okey dokey.........I'm off to peel potatoes and see what veg we have left. I am just hoping the dog hasn't eaten all of the carrots as I really fancy carrots.
Bye for now and thanks for your visit.



  1. You've just put me in the mood for pork chops!

  2. No snow here either, just a whole load of rain. The temperatures have dropped and it is bitterly cold and there is quite a strong wind. Looking forward to seeing the shoes.

  3. The photo on your blog page makes me think of my sister. It is a lovely photo and what a beautiful smile.

    When I was growing up in the U.K. our house did not have central heating so I was quite used to some rooms being on the cold side. I think we dressed for a colder house in those days. Do you have other heating in addition to the fireplace? My sister did but always lit the fire in the evening for the cozy feel and extra warmth. She also said the radiators were great for laundry to finish drying off. I hope you get the snow you seem to long for.

    Take care.

  4. Hi the fire has to be lit to run the radiators. We usually don't light it until the evening but today is very cold and it has been a treat not to be bundled up in layers as I usually am. I look like a duvet on legs most

  5. I'm giggling at the thought of you wrestling the carrots off the dog!!! It's a tad nippy here, the fire will be lit I think!

  6. Lol Rachel. That dog has had a carrot every day of his life since he was about two years old (he's now 14). It started when I dropped one on the floor and he ran off with it and gobbled it all up. After that he wanted one every day. We checked with the vet and she said it was fine. He has amazing teeth too which the vet said was due to chomping regularly on the carrots.
    Keep warm-x-

  7. Sandy....I only just saw what you wrote at the top of your comment.
    What a lovely thing to say....thank you-x-


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