28 July 2010

Snow In Them Thar Hills!!!

This is another card I made while at the shop yesterday but I have redone it as the glitter glue I had used made the waterbased markers run. Also I had done all of the stamping on just one layer so all of the house rows had the sky over them which looked a tad strange.
So for todays version I have stamped the houses onto three layers of card and removed the sky from two of them and then just layered them on top of each other. When stamping I used a mask of torn paper to make the snow appear to be in front of the houses.
Colouring this time is done with Promarker pens and instead of glitter glue for the snowy bits I have used a blue glue pen and loose glitter. Although I have used yellow glitter glue for the windows.
The stamp set is Artemio.

Feeling a bit pleased with myself today as I had made a list of things I wanted to achieve today and all but two items from a list of ten have been done. The two jobs not done were things for work which weren't that important so I'm quite happy.......and that was with some time out in town too. Things do tend to get on top of me because I know myself that I am a very bad time manager and am easily distracted so this list thing might become a permanent feature.

Another busy weekend coming up. We have visitors again on Saturday as we are meeting DDIL's mum and stepdad. Hopefully the weather will be kind enough that we can have a barbecue.........then hubby will be cooking and I won't have to spend all day in the!!!

Time for a well deserved session with my feet up and my nose in a book methinks so I'll love you and leave you.
Tara for now.


  1. Lovely card Sheila, them thar hills are brill ! Sue x

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous card! I SO nearly bought that stamp set when I came to the shop today. if I'd seen this card beforehand, I'd definitely have been a few more quid out of pocket. :-)


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