Monday, 5 July 2010

Flying Fantasy!!!

I have this ongoing thing where I am trying to use up various materials to finally get rid of them. This week it has been Fantasy Film which has never been one of my most favourite things to work with. I am so happy that the box is now finally empty and all that's left are about a dozen butterflies which I am using to make these very simple cards.
For the background I have cut a piece of copier paper the same size as the card blank then die cut a circle from the middle to use as a mask to stamp through.
I used a flower stamp from an Inkadinkado set and chalk ink to stamp the background and then stamped the sentiment in black Versafine. The sentiment is from the same stamp set.
The butterfly is three layers of Fantasy Film ironed over an inked up stamp.

Isn't it funny how you can be pleased with a card that has things on it that you don't like? I am not over fond of butterflies!!!

Hubby has obviously been worried that I would be bored this weekend and found me a job to do...........taking up trousers. Oh how I loathe and detest shortening trousers. I would sew on a thousand buttons any day in preference but it's a job I have to do regularly because my hubby like most men has no idea when it comes to size......and no I am not being cheeky!!!
As long as the trousers fit him in the waist he doesn't bother how long the legs are because wifey can sew so she can take them up. My sewing is accompanied by much chuntering and uttering of threats as to what I will do if he brings home another pair of trousers that are a foot too long for him but he takes no notice whatsoever. Still it makes me feel better.
I have a scrap bag of trouser offcuts which I keep in case the need for patching arises but invariably they get thrown out long before then because he always get paint or something on them. Today I sorted them out and chucked them but I could tell you for each piece of fabric what death threat was issued. The brown chinos.....I was going to feed him toadstools. The black work trousers.....he was threatened with suffocation. A pair of denims......mmmmm.......I think that was the time I was going to slip him the carving!!! Ah.......fond memories!!! Good job he knows I am only kidding.

I'm hoping to get some time to play with a few new goodies this week. I felt the need to hammer my credit card so I have some new stamps and tools to use. Need to get done before the weekend as I have booked next week off work while DD is off so that I can finish the staircase off at last. There's not much to do but what with one thing and another I haven't been able to get it done. It will be a busy weekend as I would like to get the lounge carpet shampooed as well.

Right I am off to have a browse around before bedtime.
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  1. Well, I love butterflies Sheila and I love this gloriously simple card. It's so clean and fresh looking and would be perfect for almost any occasion.

    I can just imagine how you feel about the trousers. Although I can sew I would rather make a whole garment from scratch than 'alter' anything. I have a lovely pair of linen trousers that I bought at the beginning of summer that are obviously made to wear with really high heels (oooooh Noooo!). I love the trousers so I thought no problem I'll just shorten them a tad. They'll probably still be there next summer!!!

    Lesley Xx

  2. lovely butterfly ! I have fantasy film but have never used it, probably never will. I too have to shorten trousers for other half and I hate doing it.Like your idea of stamping through the copier paper aperture,very pretty card.

  3. Noooooo please don't give up blogging ! I don't know what's happened but your posts haven't flagged up on my dashboard so I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw you wanted to give up ! I've just looked at your latest posts and they are gorgeous, which goes without saying. Even though you don't like butterflies, or Fantasy film (which I didn't get on too well with either!) your card is just stunning. You make even the most simplest designs look mouth wateringly beautiful. Sue C x

  4. P.S. Love the new look blog design too !

  5. So love this how you masked the background and the butterfly is beautiful.

  6. glad you are back - like the new bloglook too!


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