Friday, 16 July 2010


This is a Christmas version of the wall hanging I made HERE
Slight difference in that all of the patterned paper is hand inked and stamped using Distress Inks and a combination of two Artemio Christmas stamp sets.
It measures seven and a half inches square.
Just need a suitably lush piece of something to make the hanger now.

Well the wind has been a howling around Manic Towers the last couple of days and I am sad to say that our gazebo is no more. I was looking out of the window yesterday and the flippin' thing just up and took off. I raced out and dismantled it......with some difficulty but I hadn't seen that it had bashed against the apricot tree and got ripped.
Mr Manic has a new one on his shopping list but will we have any more summer for it to be worth buying one this year.

Still busy........and still not a scrap of paper on the stairs wall. It won't get done tomorrow as we are having a visit from HRH Ruby Doodle along with her mummy and daddy and DDIL's sister who we are meeting for the first time. In a fortnight we shall also meet her mum and stepdad. We thought it would be a bit strange to meet for the first time at the!!!
We had planned on a barbecue for tomorrow but having looked at the weather forecast.........I don't think so. So it will be a buffet tea meaning a day in the kitchen for me. Not that I mind at all. I loves me a good cooking session.

I'm off for a browse around some fabric websites now for a bit. Looking for suitable stuff to make some of the projects in my Tone Finnanger books........when I have the time of!!!

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  1. Wow...that sure must be a lot of wind you are getting to move a gazebo. What a beautiful rich and elegant.

  2. It's been quite blustery here today Sheila (er, sorry yesterday) but everything has stayed put so far.

    Love the Christmas hanging with all that wonderful inking and stamping.

    Have a fun weekend.

    Lesley Xx

  3. Gorgeous Sheila, I shall need to study it a little longer as there's so much yummy detail. I'm with you regarding the weather, will we see any more sun ? Enjoy your day in the kitchen. Sue x

  4. This is really great. Love the rich colours.


  5. This is lovely Sheila, so glad to see Christmas craft appearing again. I just love it. Karen xx

  6. A beautiful Creation.....Mgt.


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