Monday, 26 July 2010

Another Weekend Gone!!!

I am so sorry about the lack of blog posts this week and the absence of anything crafty. The weekend has flown by in a flurry of all sorts of activities except crafting and decorating......yes the bottom staircase still remains unpapered due to spanners in the works again.
Saturday was going to be 'the' day when it finally got done and hubby decided he wanted a proper cooked meal which meant I spent most of the day in the kitchen.
So 'the' day changed to Sunday but DS phoned very late Saturday night and asked if Ruby and DDIL could come and spend the day with us while he was at work........mmmm......offered a choice of cuddles with Ruby or decorating obviously the cuddles won. After they had gone I went up and applied 300 strips of double sided tape to the black layers of the invites, cut 100 pieces of black ribbon and added 100 jump rings to the hearts.
Today I was too tired to even think about it so I gave myself a day off and have spent the day sewing. I have produced a cover for the toaster and made myself a new apron. It was lovely just sitting by the open window. No music on just peace and quiet and I feel very refreshed now.
Work tomorrow and I have a feeling Deb has got her moving round and tidying up head on so I don't expect I'll get anything made in the way of cards there but I am itching to do some inking so I'll be up there in my room tomorrow night and most of Wednesday.
Right's gone a tad warm here again so I am slurping a cool drink and I'm off to play me word game for a while before I ring DD at work for a natter.
Tara for now....and thanks for visiting.

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