Tuesday, 30 March 2010

What A Day!!!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I had a really horrible day.
A couple of weeks ago I had a copy of a letter which was being sent to my doctor from the doctor I was seeing at the hospital when I was ill. It said that I had something called Moderate LV Dysfunction which I looked up on the internet and found was heart disease. My local doctor confirmed it yesterday so I was in total shock and spent all day crying, then I cried myself to sleep last night. Now that is over and done more tears...... I am going to get on with the rest of my life, do what the doctor tells me to and hopefully I shan't do too bad.
My weight loss is going well and I have lost one and a half stones since I was diagnosed with diabetes but I really need to get started on a regular excercise routine now so if you are driving about in Staffordshire and something passes you in a blur.....that'll be!!!
Enough about that then.........I promise I won't be boring you with blow by blow daily accounts of my health but I just wanted you to know.

Couldn't finish my Jigsaw piece No 3 when I got home as like a plank I had put my wires that I needed into a box of tools which I took to work with me and forgot to bring home. The tools were put to good use in the making of a card though and I'll take a pic of it tomorrow.

My darling DD is coming home has only been to stay with a friend for a couple of days but I feel like my arm has been ripped off. I shall be so glad to see her.

I'm off for a troll around the web for half an hour now.
Ciao for now.


  1. Sorry you've had such a nasty shock Sheila. We none of us know when we're going to get told something like that do we.

    Blimey, you've done brilliantly with the weight loss. I have to admit I seriously need to do something about mine but I think I used up all my willpower and self discipline when I stopped smoking 3 years ago. I'll also admit that I consider picking up my craft scissors enought exercise too, Lol! No, seriously I do walk the dog pretty regularly but that's it.

    You keep up the good work Sheila, and have fun with DD when she gets home.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Sheila.. its been a while since I popped by your blog, so didn't know about the diabetes and the heart thing.. but bloody hell, what a shock for you!

    No wonder you spent the whole day crying - I would have done the same.

    weightwise - fantastic! Well done you!

    Keep looking on the bright side, things can only get better with your weight and exercise regime, and I will you all the best.

    Have fun with DD when she's home - I know you will! I feel the same when mine are away.

    Jo x


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