Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Eating For Christmas!!!

During the run up to Christmas I tend to stop doing Sunday roast dinners as we will be having two roasts on the trot. Turkey on Christmas Day and Beef on Boxing Day. This is down to hubby. If it was up to me we would have the turkey but not bother with another roast on Boxing Day. He can not be persuaded to give it up. We also tend to cut down on heavier meals during the week and I am so looking forward to our meal tonight. A simple salad of baby spinach, romayne lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cucumber with crumbled Feta and a mint vinaigrette...........yummy. It is easier to stick to this on the week that hubby is on afternoon shift and there is just DD and me for tea. Hubby is very much a meat and two veg guy and doesn't feel he's been fed unless he has!!!

Today has been nice and peaceful. A parcel full of fabric arrived for me this morning (part of my Christmas present from hubby). One of the items was a bundle of Christmas fabric remnants which I have ironed and folded already. There was loads in the bundle and some very gorgeous fabrics too so I am very happy. Later in the week there will be a parcel of patterns arriving including some 18 inch doll clothes patterns which I will use to make clothes for the doll we're giving Ruby and I want to make her a Christmas dress.
Hubby will let me have the parcels as they arrive but he will get me something small to unwrap on the day. This year I have hinted at Enya's new album.

Well I had best go and feed the hungry worker.
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  1. Hahaha my man doesn't feel like she's had a 'proper' tea unless it's featured gravy too. I'd just gave cheese or crackers, or soup etc but he'd be aghast if I suggested it for tea!!!

  2. If I gave my hubby cheese and crackers or soup for his tea he would have a face on him like somebody had kicked his teddy!!!

  3. It's pie chips and beans tonight. And bread! I'm having a the teeny dish of mince leftovers from last night because it's all I want!!!


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