Tuesday, 22 December 2015


........will mostly be spent playing. My gorgeous girl arrived at 8am So although outside is cloudy, windy and very definitely threatening rain.........inside is all sunshine and smiles. I have her until about 6pm tomorrow and we'll make the most of every minute. She is even excited about going out in the dark to do the last of the shopping for brussels and other pretty boring stuff.

Hubby has been dispatched to Ikea as I have run out of scented tealights and haven't managed to get over there myself. He will also deliver flowers to his mums grave. Ruby and I would go too but I forgot to ask DD to swap her car for hubbys van so we don't have enough seats.

Need to cook our ham today ready for Christmas Eve. It will just be a plain one as I am not fond of slathering it in things like marmalade or anything else. 

After shopping I expect the rest of our evening will be spent watching a Christmas film of Ruby's choosing and then I have to go to bed at the same time as she does. I will be ready to go tonight as I never slept a wink last night.

Rightio......I am off to wrestle with that ham.
Hope your day is fabulous.
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  1. Aww I can sense the joy this little miss brings you! I keep waking up at silly o clock so am hoping I can sleep tonight!


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