Sunday, 27 December 2015

Losing The Will!!!

Have you ever started something and wished you hadn't? Well that is me today. I made a beautiful circle skirt and matching top for the doll. It was fine as it was apart from a little glitch on the shoulder seams. I decided to hand sew mini pom pom trim around the top to hide it and then thought how nice it would look around the skirt hem.........big mistake.....huge. There is what seems like miles of hem and I am slowly losing the will to live. I am half way round. Too late to turn back so I have to carry on now but I won't be making that mistake again.

Going a bit stir crazy now being indoors so DD and I might have a trip to Derby tomorrow. There are a couple of things I need from HobbyCraft. I have a clothes store voucher to spend and am in need of some new t shirts so I'll go and see if they have anything left in the sale......I'm not usually very lucky with sales but we'll see.

Today has been another easy day although we did have our Boxing Day lunch of roast beef which was lovely. I have no room left for any tea though.

Well back to my sewing. I am dtermined to get this finished tonight.
Bye for now.
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  1. I too am off to Hobbycraft tmrw - ALL THE WOOL
    IS ON OFFER!!!!!!
    Good luck with the pom-poms !

  2. I love looking at wool and dreaming of all the things I could make if I could only knit :)

  3. I dare not go anywhere near Hobbycraft, I have looked at the sale goods online, dangerous ground. I quite enjoy a bit of hand sewing, I find it relaxing and almost always hand finish the binding on my quilts even the huge ones. I am off to London soon, Fran wants to be back in good time and I want to drive home in daylight. Well, what passes for daylight just now. I may do a little shop on line tomorrow for some double sided Pellon interfacing.


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