Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Material Girl!!!

My daughter knows me so well. These are two of the fabric collections she gave me for Christmas.
The top one is very unusual. It's like a fine hessian and the printing on it is beautiful. I'm not sure what I will make with it yet. It has to be stroked and admired for quite a while before I take any scissors to
The second collection is Winterberry by Moda Fabrics. My heart nearly stopped when I opened this. The colour combination is divine. Again I don't know what I will make with it although I suspect it will be a quilt. 
Tomorrow I will show you the rest.

Well it's back into the swing of the domestic duties today. I have washing washing and drying drying. There is cooking to do and a bit of hoovering. After that I will probably start on another sewing project for the doll as I have loads of fabric to use.
It's sunny out but there is no breeze today so I have resorted to the tumble drier for the laundry.

Are you all getting back into the swing of things?
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Fabric that is truly droolworthy, I am in full on domestic goddess mode as well. The thought of the ironing is a bit of a dark cloud but I plan on doing a little crafty ironing as well, just to help things along. PS I never iron tea towels, they dry so much better wrinkly.

  2. I too have been washing like widow twanky! Beds have been changed and whilst my decs always stay up til 12th Night, I've done a good skirting board clean. I've just put a new rug I got in the Next half price sale and I'm pleased! That fabric is gorgeous just as it is!!!

  3. So droolworthy that I have had to put it back in it's plastic in case.
    Wrinkly tea towels definitely dry better.....and I am sticking to that story.
    Happy crafty ironing-x-

  4. I'm ready for a thorough clean through now Rachel. Our tree comes down Jan 4th the day after my daughters birthday and then I can get down to it and go through my list of DIY jobs for the new year.
    A half price rug....well you can't beat that-x-


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