Sunday, 20 December 2015

.......And Relax!!!

We are starting to get in the mood for Christmas now at Tea Towel Towers. Last night we got the tree lights on, lit all the candles and settled down to watch The Hobbit on DVD. We'll watch the second tonight and the the third tomorrow. I could watch these films every single day I love them so much. I would probably have to throw in the odd viewing of Avatar though.......another favourite.

Today is another easy day kitchenwise. No roast dinner. We are having crumb topped fish with a simple salad and garlic and parmesan roast potatoes. As DD is at work shortly until 3pm we will have that as our evening meal and as we had a late breakfast we won't need any lunch. Suits me down to the ground as it means I can finish the nightie for the doll. I'm finding it difficult to iron these tiny clothes on my normal ironing board so hubby is off out to pick me up a sleeve board from Dunelm. I can't believe how hard it was to find one where you could go and buy it from an actual shop instead of buying on line. Argos do one but it's £9.99 with £3.95 home delivery. They don't stock it in the shops. Wilko do one but again it was home delivery. The one from Dunelm costs just 4p more than the cost of delivery from Argos so £3.99 will do for me.

Blue skies, fluffy white clouds and some sunshine here today with a tiny breeze so I might try and put some washing out even it only lightens it and I finish it off in the drier at least it will smell nice.

Hope you all have a lovely day.
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  1. What a bonus getting the washing out to dry, I love the smell of freshly dried washing. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas.

  2. My sleeve board came with the big board (long gone) many years ago. It has been repadded and covered a few times but hangs on in there. I have a few movies lined up to watch again, Wonderful Life tonight.

  3. I'm gearing up to get festive too just not quite their yet!


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