Thursday, 17 December 2015

Sew Tiny!!!

Quite a few jobs ticked off the list this morning which will leave me free to to carry on with my little project of creating a wardrobe of clothes for the new doll. It will have to be an ongoing thing as the fact that Ruby is coming to stay for two days next week has rather crept up on me and put a limit on the time I have left to do it but as long as I get the dressing gown, pj's and a little pair of slippers made then I shall be quite happy. I also need to find a tiny doll sized teddy bear over the weekend to complete the outfit. I can't wait to see Miss Doodles face when she opens her gifts as we have also bought two extra outfits, a set of underwear and a set of three pairs of shoes. She is going to love it.

It's very dark here this morning with hardly a breeze so I have had to resort to the tumble dryer. Nothing will dry out there today. Only two loads to do and I do spin on the longest spin to get things as dry as possible so it doesn't take too long.

Christmas is pretty much sorted now. Most gifts are wrapped and everything we need for the meals is either in the freezer or the cupboard apart from fresh salad and veggies which I will get next week.........or should I say hubby will as there is no way I am going into Just a regular shop to do later today to stock up on things we need. I don't need much as hubby does his last night shift tonight and then he's off until the beginning of January. DD finishes Christmas Eve for four days so I'll still need lunch stuff for her. I think I am as excited about not having to think of what to do for pack ups as I am about does get rather tiresome.

Anyway......this won't get the dressing gown made so I'll go and crank up the sewing machine. Wish me luck as I have never made anything quite this small before and there are as many pieces to sew together as on a full size garment.
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  1. Oh. Love love love the dolly outfits! My mum used to knit for my dolls and I used to knit for Miss 21s and the other year when my niece was only three, I knit her and her dolly a matching pink stripey jumper!!! Too cute!

  2. Awww thanks Rachel.
    I have to sew outfits as my knitting leaves a lot to be desired. It's something I have never quite mastered and yet my mother was a very prolific knitter. I obviously didn't get the gene-x-

  3. I remember making clothes for my dolls, in those days they came naked or were in the "how bl***y much" bracket. I am busy with hook and yarn but no dolls to dress here, I did that one last year. Your little Girl will love her gifts, I wouldn't sneeze at them myself.

  4. I remember the days when dolls came naked Pam.......well we didn't actually see them naked until we changed the knitted outfits made by my mother. Proper little dresses and matinee jackets with a matching bonnet and bootees. Then we used to get a little flannelette nightie to change her into for
    Those were the days........and pssst......I'll let you into a secret.....I have actually bought myself a doll from the same range to use as a model for the clothes I am making. Just for the purposes of checking fit etc you understand.


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