Monday, 28 December 2015

Back To The Nest!!!

I do love going out for a while but boy is it nice to get home again.
We had quite a good trip in to Derby this morning but by the time we came out a couple of hours later the roads were heaving.
Still, we are back home now having a nice cuppa.

Since getting home I have discovered that at Hobbycraft I was overcharged for an item and that I wasn't given my change. I should have added my things up myself before I got to the tills so I am partly to blame.
They didn't have much of a sale on as far as I could see apart from Christmas stuff and I wasn't spending my Christmas money on that so I ended up with a new sewing box, a Clover iron, some funky foam, tacky glue, fray stop and spare bobbins for my sewing machine. Oh I am a fibber.....I did buy a pack of gorgeous Christmas cupcake cases reduced to £1.50.
Now I am sorting out the stuff I want to keep in my sewing box and resting my aching legs.
Thanks for dropping by today.


  1. SNAP! I'm just back. I too had a mistake at the till so I went back - glad I did, I got £6.50 back. It was to do with the 3 for 2 wool. I also bought a frame for tapestry down to £10 with £13 off. You had to squint to see the sale tickets though!

  2. I'm just going to have to suck up being a fiver down as it would cost that much in diesel to go back into Derby.........but I am miffed as I am usually so careful.

  3. Try a telephone call or maybe an email with a photo of the receipt. The same sort of thing happened to me in Debenhams in Swansea and they sent me a credit note to use in any of their stores.


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