Saturday, 21 November 2015


We have had snow in the night........the most miserable and pathetic snowfall in the history of snowfalls. It didn't even hit the floor.
We have a sprinkle on the shed roof and both cars and that is it.
I am truly miffed.

Today I will be starting my big clean up in the lounge ready for the Christmas tree to go up next weekend. So sofas will be shifted, curtains washed and everything that will stand still for five minutes will be wiped down. Watch out spiders I am coming to get!!!

Tea will be a simple one tonight. Pizza, jacket potatoes and coleslaw and then I will probably crash on the sofa with my knitting.
Talking of knitting..... I am not a natural knitter in any way, shape or form but I wanted a scarf....not a long, wrap round with dangling ends scarf but something I could put on over my head and would snuggle around my neck without having to keep rearranging wayward ends and OMG I have knit one without a pattern....I'm amazed. DD and Ruby loved it too so now I am doing a couple more.....go!!!

Well best go and get on with this mucking out.
Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Well hello well hello fellow blogger! I love the name of your blog! I too will be doing a big tidy up because we all know Father Christmas won't come to a filthy house!!


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