Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A Bit Behind!!!

Goodness me.....I didn't realise it was so long since I did a post. The weeks are just whipping by.
I am getting a little behind with list of 101 things to do before Christmas as I have been feeling just a tad lacksadaisical after the rotten cold I've just had. Today though it seems that the mojo is back and I should be ticking things off again.

Unusually for us DD and I have just spent two evenings at the cinema. Sunday we saw The Lady In The Van. It was fabulous and I am still giggling at the lumpy yellow paint. All will become clear if you go and see it. So funny.
Last night we saw Brooklyn and loved that too so I can't wait until both films come out on DVD.
Our cinema tends to show adverts of the kind you see on tv rather than trailers for upcoming films but last night we did actually see one for Bridge Of Spies so that has gone on my must see list.

It's been rather cold here today so I have been snuggling up the cooker. There was veg left on Sunday after our roast lunch so I used it up making a Pork and Vegetable pie. I pulled out a large pack of minced pork and simmered half of it in some stock with some sauteed onions and herbs, thickened the stock and added the veg and a chopped apple then topped it of with suet crust pastry and baked until the pastry was lovely and crunchy. We've just finished tea and it went down very well indeed with hubby who is on nights and needs a full tummy to see him through and DD who has been working out in the cold and wet all day.
The other half of the pork was made into meatballs and simmered in a tomato sauce ready for tea tomorrow so that I can spend the day baking. I've not been that organised for weeks.

Looking forward to cuddles with Ruby tomorrow. She was poorly all weekend but is getting better now. I bet she will be wanting her tomato soup for tea.

Righto......I had best go and wash the pots and clean the bottom of the oven as the pie leaked. I always forget to put it on a tray.
Bye for now.

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