Monday, 2 November 2015

Spooky Goings On!!!

 Halloween night is also my daughter in laws birthday so we decided to throw her a party at our house. Just them and us but we really enjoyed it. Ruby was thrilled with it.
We ate spooky food such as Beetle Wings, Slugabeds, Bog Soup with Twisty Bones, Skelly Jelly and Zombie Brain Cake and drank Liquid Sky and Scummy Pond Water. All very normal edibles but so much creepier when renamed.
 A ghost in the garden. An empty milk bottle decorated with a friendly ghost face then filled with water and glow sticks.
Didn't want to make the pumpkins too scary for Ruby so cheeky faces were in order.

I do love doing themed parties but I did pay for spending all Saturday on my feet cooking and conjuring up goodies. I could barely move on Sunday and hubby ended up cooking the roast bless him.

Now we get to my favourite time of year........preparing for Christmas.......yay!!!
There are decorations to finish, tiny gifts to find for the quilted advent calendar I have made for Ruby, quilts to finish and another 101 jobs which I have on my list......I am in my element.
Thanks for dropping by.

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