Thursday, 6 October 2016

Warm And Cosy Things!!!

Crikey's cold today.
Just the right kind of day for doing cosy things in the kitchen so I will be making leek and potato soup, cornbread and cooking beetroot for pickling now that hubby got me the jar I needed.
Lovely smells and lovely warmth from the cooker.
I think we may have to have a fire this evening as I was so cold last night that I could have cried. I soon warmed up though when I took myself off to bed with a hot water bottle and snuggled up with Alan the form of his autobiography I hasten to

I got the shock of me life when we dropped Ruby off at home after tea last night. Teeny, tiny Miss Marlowe greeted me at the door in a baby walker. How did that happen? She was absolutely full of herself......whooping and swooping round the kitchen. It was hilarious and I could have stayed and watched her all night.

Well although it's cold this morning it is bright and windy so I think I'll chance the washing out on the line. It's only a load of lighter clothes so they should dry......but first a cup of coffee to wrap my chilly hands around before I start peeling potatoes and chopping leeks.

Have a lovely day y'all.


  1. There will be some wonderful cooking aromas in your house later. More washing out here today too. There's always more washing. I hope you manage to stay warm. X

  2. I have just made a big pan of leek and potato soup too and some cheese scones to go with it. I like the sound of curling up with Alan Titchmarsh...

  3. Leek and Potato soup is on my to-do list as well. Must be something in the air...

  4. MARLOWE!!! I bet she just loves scooting around! Bless her xx it's been so warm here but the heating did go on for an hour to take the chill off last Saturday. Mind you it was only cold because we have the back door open for Freddie! So totally don't mind!


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