Friday, 28 October 2016

A Little Better!!!

Things are a little less tense today thank goodness.
Maybe I am a bit more forgiving as I got a break last night when Andy said it would be fine for me to go and do some shopping. DD and I rushed off to T***o and topped up on desperately needed stuff and then rushed back to find he was actually fine. It probably did him good to have an hour or so break from me too.
The anaesthetic gel has not yet arrived at our surgery's dispensery so I have to ring again at 3:30pm. If it's there I will have to ring DD at work and she will pop and get it....if not we will have to wait until Monday:(

Today is a very lazy day as he has decided he wants a Chinese for tea and I am not going to argue after cooking three meals a day for the last week since he came out and then of course there is all of the washing up. My hands have been in water so much that they are like sandpaper and need a bit of TLC.
I am going to do something completely alien to me......I am going up for a shower and then I am going to put my pj's on and park my ass on the sofa to watch some programmes on the food channel or True Crime.....whichever Andy prefers. It's completely unknown for me to do pyjama days but today I just feel like doing it.
I'll be back to normal tomorrow though as I do have jobs that need doing...including putting the finishing touches to DD's costume for the Halloween party she is going to tomorrow night. Her dress up is mainly Dia de las Muertos make up but she has a top hat which is going to be tarted up with raggy black netting and red roses. I can't wait to see what she looks like as this will be quite girly for her.

Right.....I am off to do my impression of a lazy

Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. Well, you certainly deserve a pyjama day - make sure you enjoy it!

  2. nothing wrong with the occasional PJ day, it can be very wearing looking after a loved one take of yourself

  3. Dear Sheila:

    So pleased you were able to get out and do a quick top up shop and that Andy got on o.k. without you. Yes you are a very forgiving kind person but I like to think this was Andy's way of apologizing for taking his frustration out on you.

    How disappointing if the anesthetic gel is not available today. I will say one of the benefits about the American health care system is that once the doctor writes/phones in the prescription it is available the same day and there are pharmacies (chemist in UK) that are open 7/24- any way fingers crossed you get the gel today.

    It is very mild here for October and full sunshine. Will take my morning cup of coffee and drink it outside.


  4. You deserve a break, enjoy your PJ's for a couple of hours. Still no joy from the hospital we have got to phone again on Monday.


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