Monday, 31 October 2016

Autumn Glory!!!

I could barely see these trees for the fog when I got up this morning but now the sun has chased it away.
Orange, brown and yellow are so not my favourite colours except in the Autumn when the trees start to change.
This is the view from my dining room window and I love it at any time of year but especially now.
Tonight this little cul de sac will be filled with tiny witches and ghosties enjoying their Halloween street party if the Mums are doing the same as they did last year. We don't get bothered by them knocking on the door as there seems to be plenty of tricks and treats doing their own thing.

The Urology nurse has rung Andy this morning and from what she says he will be free of the catheter and the staples by lunchtime tomorrow and he'll be able to come home and be a lot more comfortable.
He is desperate to start driving again so that he can get out and about so he will be asking when he will be able to. I must admit it will be a relief when he can as if we need anything we either have to phone DS or DDIL or wait until DD comes home so it has been quite difficult.
Another phonecall from his manager at work has put his mind at rest. They are not expecting him to return to work before Christmas although Andy would like to go back as soon as he is fit enough. I would like him to take the time to recover completely before he does go back as his job is quite heavy and I don't want him hurting himself.
So once he can drive we are going to make a start on the Christmas shopping and try to get it all done before the end of next month. I need to get a sneak peek at Ruby's wish list to see what she wants from Santa. Marlowe won't even be one so I think a few new clothes and a token toy and some money to squirrel away for things she might need later.

I'm not doing much in the way of house jobs today. I'll wait until Andy is gone for the morning tomorrow and then have a quick blitz right through.
Cooking for today will be a homemade tomato soup to use up the tomatoes I roasted with garlic and onions the other week and I think some cheese scones for a change from crusty bread or cornbread....yummy.

Anyway I hope the sun is shining where you are.
Thanks so much for your visit today.


  1. Good news about Andy. He should take his time and heal properly before going back to work. I bet he will be glad to be able to get out and about - and so will you!

  2. Do check with your insurer, because some of them have a clause that you can't drive for 6 weeks after an anaesthetic. Very outdated but it's still in a lot of policies

  3. Thanks for that Katie. I didn't know that-x-

  4. Very nice to see the view from your dining room. Good news on the catheter and the phone call from work.

  5. It must be a relief to know work are not expecting Andy back too soon. Hope all goes well and the catheter comes out tomorrow. I got a jobs worth when I phoned the hospital this morning but eventually his named nurse from the clinic phoned back and we now have an appointment for tomorrow morning. Sad that you have to have tantrum to get a result.

  6. Cheese scones...yum...Hope all goes well tomorrow...x

  7. Was having a conversation with somebody the other day and we were saying there's nothing worse than not having the choice of whether to go out or not, so I can fully understand Andy's desire to get moving again and back in the car.

    Good of his company to put his mind at rest over his return to work. At least he can relax now and take his time. The stress and worry some people must have of trying to get back to work asap can't do them any good. xx


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