Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Swingin' Me Pants!!!

Knowing that Andy is safe at the hospital being scanned, prodded and poked I have had the most brilliant morning dancing and singing my way through the housework.
Although I love the 50's and 60's music that Andy likes he is not so keen on the music I like so I have pumped up the volume and cleaned the lounge to REM, Passenger and First Aid Kit. Washed the pots to a fantastic piece of Cajun music from the film Southern Comfort. Mopped the floor to Barns Courtney's Glitter and Gold and sorted laundry to Tilted by Christine and the Queens.
After two weeks stuck in the house I now feel like my tanks have been filled again and I can face the next four weeks of not being able to get out with renewed energy.
The power of music is awesome.

DD and I managed to pop out for an hour to go and visit DDIL on her birthday and I got to do Trick or Treat on Ruby who was thrilled. They had all been out Trick or Treating with friends and had a fabulous time so it was quite late in the day for us to be visiting but it was lovely to see them all. Marlowe was dressed as the cutest pumpkin you ever saw and Ruby was a gorgeous cat. DDIL was a very glamourous vampire and DS obviously doesn't do dressing
After the visit I needed to go to A**a to pick up some batteries and while we were there DD treated me to something I have always wanted.....a tartan duvet cover. I have never bought one as I like both green and red tartans and could never make up my mind which to buy. This one solves that problem as one side is red and the other green. It's brushed cotton too so guess who is going to be snuggling rather a lot this winter.

Now I have to go and mess up my nice clean kitchen and cook some mince for the cottage pie we are having for tea tomorrow. Tonight will depend on what time DD and Andy get back from the hospital as once he is able to leave he has to go to their storage facility to collect some medical supplies. I have stuff I can rustle up quickly so they won't starve.

Hope you are all having a fabulous day.


  1. Goodness me what a lovely upbeat post - lovely to read!

  2. Oh dear, now feeling very old as I hadn't heard of some of the bands/music/tracks you mention.
    Good to hear that your OH is getting sorted out

  3. Hope all went well at the hospital. I wasn't able to see any of the Grandchildren, they all live too far away but it was lovely to see all the photos that were sent, they all had fun.

  4. Hope everything went OK at the hospital and that Andy didn't have to hang around too long for his medication.

    Marlowe and Ruby's costumes sound very cute. We had lots of little trick & treaters at the door last night, all very polite and all looking lovely. xx

  5. I've not heard of most of those groups! (must be too old or too young, lol). We get no trick or treaters at all, living out in the sticks.

  6. nothing like a good swing f the hips to get the blood flowing, we really must sort out a music center ours bit the dust when we moved and havent got round to replacing it yet, we have a solar radio but I do enjoy CD sessions full blast

  7. Not heard of your music selection...but I have just made our bed up with new green tartan fleece bedding! Can't wait to hop in tonight! x


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