Sunday, 6 November 2016

Feeling Cosy!!!

It's a bright sunny morning but the wind is blowing a hooley. It's very cold so the sight of the leaves swirling around is best viewed from inside with a nice hot cuppa in hand....although we do have to go out in it later.

Andy so enjoyed his little trip out yesterday. He had a good walk as he got DD to drop him at the bottom of the High Street and went to meet her on A**a's car park when he had done......another first......being on his own for the first time in three weeks. It was quite funny seeing him coming in with his little shopping bag after so long.

After a lovely meal of Mediterranean chicken with butter and parsley new potatoes we snuggled down to watch The Hobbit. I love the Hobbit films. Two and a half hours of gazing at Thorin Oakenshield does a girl a power of

Usually by this time of year I have a good pile of Christmas gifts awaiting wrapping but what I have so far you could fit into a carrier bag and still have room. DD and I have to pop into town after lunch so I might see if I can pick up a few more bits so that I don't feel quite so disorganised.
The only area where I will be ahead of myself is the putting up of the Christmas tree. We have a new family tradition started last year that Ruby comes and stays for the weekend to help Aunty DD decorate the tree...usually the last weekend in November so that it is up for December 1st. Ruby and family will be away that weekend so it will be going up on November 19th. After tea we snuggle up with popcorn and watch Christmas films. Ruby loves it.

Anyhoo....enough about Christmas. I had better go and sort out some clothes for going out in.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


  1. Such a lovely tradition Sheila to share with your Grandaughter's it won't be long before Marlowe will be big enough to join in all the fun. I have 3 presents left to buy and I am finished thank goodness. I can take my time and enjoy the process of wrapping.

  2. What a lovely tradition. It will be something Ruby will always remember and that Marlowe will be able to take part in as well. This Christmas will probably be the easiest I've had for years now that there is no FC. Neither Amy or Thomas really want anything special so unless they think of something they will have money (no point spending for the sake of it), which means I just need to buy some little bits and bobs and stocking fillers for them to unwrap. xx

  3. I'm looking forward so much to that particular weekend as we should be up in your neck of the woods visiting our son. Hope to go to the Chatsworth Christmas market...a fair jaunt even from our sons but we loved it when we visited two years ago. x


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