Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Getting Me Wriggle On!!!

Good morning all 😁

Goodness me....I have overslept this morning. I went to bed at some ridiculous hour....I think it was about 2am. Usually I can get up at my normal time but not this morning so I am going to have to get some serious wriggle going to get everything done that I want to get done.

First up is to wrap all the tiny presents to go in the Advent calendar. That needs to get done so that Ruby can take it home tonight ready for tomorrow and wouldn't you just know.....I have no red tissue paper. Andy to the rescue.....he is in town so I phoned him and he will pick me some up.

Next job will be to finish the wreath. I was a bit late starting it last night as I couldn't find enough of any ribbon for wrapping the polystyrene base and so had to resort to tearing strips of a blue and white spotty fabric.....which is actually perfect so that turned out well. It may not be completely finished today but I can live with that.

Another job I have on my list which may or may not get done is to paint some papier mache cone trees. I have three and want to paint them in cream, soft blue and green and then print white spots onto them. I'd love to get them done but they aren't urgent.

Luckily there is no major cooking to do today.....just a bowl of salad to prepare and some fish to cook. Andy and Ruby will have theirs at teatime as they like their fish hot but DD and I will have ours after we take Ruby home as we like ours cold.

Thank you for your comments yesterday. It's good to know that I am not alone in losing my crafting mojo. Let's hope we all get it back soon.
Jackie asked which garden centre we went was Byrkley Park at Rangemore Jackie.

The red tissue has arrived so I will go and get that job done. It would be nice if I could have some music to help me get a jig on but Andy doesn't like my music and I don't want to drive him

Back tomorrow.



  1. You'll miss that man when he goes back to work! x

  2. That's quite a list there Sheila but it all sounds nice to do. It's typical when you really need something it's never there, thank goodness your knight in shining armour came to the rescue. Our staple fish is salmon and I can eat that hot or cold so I'd be an easy guest :) xx


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