Friday, 4 November 2016

One Little Snowman!!!

I can't say that I am very enamoured of making all these ruddy pom poms but I made up one of the snowmen last night and he is very, very cute............

I have decided to do a bit of tweaking and make two larger snowmen and two of these smaller ones to represent Mummy, Daddy and the two girls and decorate the rest of the wreath with sparkly snowflakes and glitter. I just can't face making fifteen of this size to cover the whole wreath.

Up until now it has been a lovely sunny morning with a good wind but the dark clouds are starting to roll in. I just hope they don't start dropping any rain until Andy gets back from his walk.
He is managing to go out every day now with Smudge. He just goes around the land at the back of us so that he doesn't have to use the lead......he's not allowed to be walking a dog on a lead in case it pulls.
While he's out his lunch is cooking.....a small steak pie and some leftover cauliflower cheese from tea last night. That'll warm him up as it's pretty cold out there.

Fish and salad for tea tonight and then DD and I will be nipping out to see DS and DDIL and deliver wedding anniversary cards, hugs and kisses as they won't be here tomorrow on the actual day. London Grandma and Grandad are coming up to look after the girls while they have a night away. They certainly need it as Marlowe has started waking for two hours or so in the middle of the night so lots of broken sleep every night at the moment.

Right....I'll go and feed the patient and get on with another couple of jobs before I make the rest of these snowmen now I have decided what I am doing with them.

By for now and I hope you have a fab weekend.



  1. It certainly was an impressive snowman but I do love the idea of a snowman to represent each of them in the family, the girls will love that I am sure. Glad to hear Andy is able to get out for a walk and is on the mend.

  2. Dear Sheila:

    I actually like your tweaking idea and think it will be fabulous!

    How nice that Andy can walk around out back with the dog off the lead. Lunch and tea sound delicious. He is one lucky fellow.

    Glad you are able to get out tonight for a little bit.


  3. That is such a cute snowman and although the wreath is lovely I wouldn't want to make so many pom poms either.

    Glad that Andy is up and out, as much as we all love our other halves they do tend to make the house untidy don't you think :)

    i Feel for mummy and daddy with the 2 hour nightly wake. Amy was shocking for sleeping, I used to feel physically sick I was so tired, so anybody who has interrupted sleep gets my full sympathy. xx

  4. Can I recommend you have a look at the Multipom pompom maker website. It does what it says - makes multiple pompoms!

  5. I envy your crafty ability..that snowman looks great! Enjoy your weekend.

  6. That's cheating!
    When I was small I had a pom pom maker it used plastic bits that clipped together so you did half at a time then clipped the two halfs together =cut and tied, unclipped and hey presto. I'd forgoten all about it

  7. Glad Andy is managing to get out and about. Good luck on your snowman! Lots of work there.

  8. That is the cutest snowman. For some reason you had disappeared off my blog list (I thought I hadn't seen one of your posts for a while) so I'm going to have a catch up now. I'm so pleased Andy is able to get out for a while. Have a lovely weekend Sheila. X


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