22 November 2016

Getting There With Christmas!!!

We are taking DD's car to have a new headlight bulb put in so I am going to take the opportunity to pick up a couple of Christmas gifts that I have reserved at Argos. That will be the London gifts done and dusted and they can go down with the Doodles next weekend when they visit.
I will also make a start on Marlowes' gifts and there are a couple of things I forgot to get foodwise yesterday so they can be picked up too.
Tonight DD will assemble and fluff the tree, put the lights on and do the tree topper then when Ruby comes tomorrow she can help to put the decorations on and that will be another job done.
My preparations feel rather messy and disjointed this year and I don't like it. I'm usually quite organised.
Hopefully it will all come together in the end.

How are your preparations going?


  1. I am doing well with all my preparations, slow but steady. What fun to have Ruby help with some of the tree decorations.

  2. We're real tree folk so a good time to put ours up is winter solstice...however winter decorations can go up anytime now! Did quite a bit of festive shopping at the Chatsworth fayre on Saturday...bring it on.x

  3. Today I emptied the wardrobe and drawers of all the bits and pieces I've been buying over the weeks and checked them off my lists so that was a massive job done. Apart from food, and we don't go overboard on that, I think I'm pretty much there which is a nice feeling.

    I usually put our tree up the first weekend in December but I might push it back a week this year.

    It's lovely that Ruby is coming over to decorate yours. Amy usually does ours with a bit of help from Thomas. Have to say her decorating skills haven't really improved much in 17 years! xx

  4. I still don't feel christmassy enough yet! It's November!


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