Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Where Is My Snow?!!!

We were predicted to have some snow through the night but instead we got buckets and buckets of rain from around teatime until early morning.
I'm sorry but if you tell me we are going to get snow....then I want snow and not the liquefied version....thank you very

It's still cold though so a nice tummy warming filling has just been made for a chicken and leek pie. I thought it would be nice for Ruby to come home to as she has gone back to school today after a couple of days off with a nasty hacking cough that has been keeping her awake at night and thoroughly exhausting her.
Some frozen fruit which needed using up is going to be topped with crumble for pudding.

DS picked Andy up this morning to take him for a ride out to fetch his papers and he has just got back from walking Smudge so he really is getting about a lot now. His scars are healing and he is just about back to the Andy I know and love although he still has some issues that will take longer to get over.

I now have cofirmation that we will be seven for Christmas Day lunch so this weekend I can go and pick up the turkey crown. I also want a ham and a piece of beef but they can wait until I get my T***o vouchers. I should have quite a bit as I don't have my vouchers through the year. I chose to just have them at Christmas a few years ago and I use them to buy fresh meat to put in the freezer. I can get quite a lot if I shop carefully and go for the 3 for £10 and other offers.

It will be a bit of a lacksadaisical day today as for some reason I feel absolutely shattered after waking with a foul headache this morning. Just need to prep the veg and make the crumble topping for the fruit so I can be kind to myself today.

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  1. We saw no snow but then we are too low, I expect The Beacons saw some. Dinner sounds good but I am going to make some wraps, I have some roast pork to sizzle with sliced onion and peppers, a slug of tomato and chilli sauce will finish it off nicely. I have not given a thought to Christmas yet, except that it will be downbeat this year. No massive roast meal and the equally massive prepping and washing up.

  2. No snow here either. Christmas sounds good always nice to know that the family will be coming. Lots to celebrate.

  3. lashed it down through the night and till lunch , its never got light today

  4. Cold...damp...actually make that very cold and very damp...Hope that headache has been chased to the hills by now...escaping this morning with a friend to Cowslip Workshop near Launceston. My wipers are making an horrendous noise so will have to have some good music on! x


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