Thursday, 10 November 2016

All Clear!!!

Our sighs and tears of relief have nearly blown the windows out and flooded the house.
Andy has had the results of a post op test and he is clear of cancer.
What a wonderful day to be sure.
He will still have to have blood tests every three months for one year then twice a year for another year and then once a year for we are not sure how long. They will be done at the GP's.
He still has appointments at the Urology clinic for a while for help with the after effects of the surgery.
Derby rock!!!.......unlike the district nurse who was supposed to come and see Andy from when he came out of hospital. We haven't seen hide nor hair of her. Just one phone call after she had obviously had a rollocking from the hospital. She just asked Andy if he was alright and when he said yes she said 'oh I'll cross you off my books then'. I don't think he was ever on them to be honest as she should have come to check his catheter and she should have removed his staples. Not impressed at all but hey ho....that's all in the past now.
So onwards and upwards. Just a few more weeks until he can drive and we can start getting back to normal. We are both missing our little wanders and can't wait to get back to them.

Today is another quiet day.....well how exciting does it ever get when you are stuck in the house all
I will be making a requested cheese, onion and potato pie to have with some baked beans for tea.

Had a lovely couple of hours with my beautiful Doodle yesterday. She still has the horrible cough but she said she is sleeping better now. She's very excited about our Christmas weekend when she comes to help decorate the tree. We will also be doing some Christmas baking with some gorgeous cupcake cases and sprinkles I found in Home Bargains.....can't wait.

Right....I am off to set Andy on spud bashing while I chop onions and grate cheese.

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. Brilliant news, I would put in an official complaint about the nurse, it might prevent some-one else being neglected who perhaps doesn't have support at home.

  2. What wonderful news, best Christmas present ever. I hope my sis gets the same good news when she goes back in early December. Cheese, onion and potato pie sounds yum.

  3. What excellent news, you will soon be back to normal now. Col has a bone marrow sample taken next week so we will know if the lymphoma has gone enough for them to be able to say he is in remission. Fingers crossed

  4. I am so excited for you, I am doing a happy dance around the room. Great news.
    Despite the good news you should put in a complaint about the District Nurse to prevent someone else suffering who may not have support. Have a great weekend.

  5. My dear Sheila:

    Catching up on your blog, reading several days so haven't commented. Tuesday was such a long day, reported to outpatient with my hubby at 8:30 am for a procedure he required and it was a long long day, finally discharged at 10:00 pm. It took me yesterday to get over it. The next long procedure will be at a major hospital not that far from us and will require an in hospital stay.

    It is really amazing what the medical profession can do these days and don't understand when folks say "give me the old days" it wasn't all marvelous so I was
    very happy to read your good news about Andy, certainly the best present ever. I agree that cheese, onion and potato pie sounds good.

    Take care and hugs from afar.


  6. That's fantastic news Sheila. What a welcome relief for you all. X

  7. Fantastic news-you must all be so glad that the results were good today. Enjoy your pie-I can smell it from here and I'm drooling. -:))) Catriona

  8. Fantastic news for you all, such a relief, I am so happy for you xxx

  9. Oh must feel as though you're walking on the moon at the moment. What fantastic news. Big squishy hugs. x

  10. Pleased for him and you , men arent great patients

  11. Oh Sheila, I just burst into tears with happiness for you xxx not long till you can be freee to just drive to even Asda or somewhere like that!! It really does make you appreciate everything we take for granted! Bet the pie was yum. The last one I made was really tasteless!!!

  12. What fantastic news. I bet you and Andy feel like you have a new lease of life don't you. Shame about the District Nurse. We were advised to complain about something to do with Tom but in all honesty after dealing with everything we didn't have the energy or inclination and it wouldn't have made any difference to his outcome.

    Every day now will be one day nearer to getting back to normal. That must be a wonderful feeling. xx


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