Sunday, 27 November 2016

My Kind Of Sunday!!!

Slow and lazy....that's just how I like my Sunday to be.
Lunch is cooking and filling the kitchen with warmth and good smells.
Hubby is reading the Sunday papers.
DD has gone to fetch me a couple of large gift bags. One each for Ruby and Marlowe and by the time she gets back lunch will be ready to eat.

This afternoon I will use up the stale bread and make the Christmas stuffing to put in the freezer and if there is enough I'll make the bread sauce too which always tastes much better for being frozen.
DD will also sort my hair out as I have rather neglected myself while I have been looking after Andy and I have a very nasty grey stripe which needs covering up. I should really man up and stop dying it now but I just know my hair will be white rather than the gorgeous steel grey I would love it to be.
If there is any time left before we settle down for the evening I will go and make a start on gift wrapping to tidy things up in the attic. It's starting to look like a shop up

Time for the veg to on so I'll say....bye for now.
Hope your Sunday is fab too.


  1. Goodness...if you finish your festive preparations perhaps you could come and help me with mine! x

  2. Slow and lazy Sundays are the best type aren't they. I've never made my own stuffing or bread sauce so I'm very impressed.

    I've been putting a colour on my hair for 6 months now to cover they grey bits at the side and I still haven't managed to do it and that's without anybody to look after!

    I'm pretty much done with my Christmas present shopping apart from Thomas' stocking which I always struggle with. I could fill Amy's 3 times over but I find boys are so difficult to buy for. And as it's only a stocking I'm not willing to pay loads for bits of tat either which makes the job even harder. Must try and get it done soon though as it's beginning to niggle me.

    So glad you are able to have Ruby for another sleepover. Bet you can't wait. xx


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