Thursday, 24 November 2016

It's Up!!!

First of all I would like to wish all of my readers in America a very Happy Thanksgiving Day-x-

Well the tree is up and looking absolutely gorgeous. A bonus week as it doesn't usually go up until December 1st.
I won't bore you with a photo as it is almost the same as we did it last year with a couple of new additions.
Decorating the rest of the room will probably get left until next weekend......just to avoid extra

The roast beef dinner was really lovely last night and there was enough beef, roasties, Yorkshire puds and gravy left to take down to DS and DDIL. They just did their own veg to go with it and there is still enough beef for sandwiches for Andy.
Today I will be clearing out the veg drawer and making a chunky soup. It's pretty nippy here today so that will go down well with some toasted garlic and cheese baguette.
Not much else on the agenda for today apart from some laundry and maybe a bit of ironing and a run over with the hoover so I might get chance to watch a Christmas film on Channel 5 with hubby this afternoon.

Last weekend I started reading A Christmas Mouse by Miss Read to Ruby. I used to read to mine when they were little. We didn't get to finish it so DDIL is going to see if we can squeeze in another sleepover for Ruby before Christmas so that we can finish that and do some Christmas baking. When she comes after school there really isn't much time for doing anything other than having tea and a bit of a cuddle so I have my fingers crossed that she can fit it in even if it is just one night instead of two.

Andy has just nipped out for papers so I will wait for coffee until he gets back and I'll get on with chopping some veg.

Hope you are all warm and cosy today.


  1. We are away for a few days at the weekend so it will be next week before we manage to get the tree and decorations up. Hope you manage to get the extra time with Ruby.

  2. Oh no its far to early for the tree my little twiggy tree will be a few days before the day sometimes its christmas eve, :-)

  3. We weirdly have a mixture of Thanksgiving decorations next to our already up and decorated Christmas tree!! We usually do our tree after Thanksgiving. I hope you are able to have another sleepover with Ruby before Christmas...fingers crossed!!

  4. My tree will not be going up for a couple of weeks yet, there are several up in the village though. I will not be putting very many decs out this year, I have hade a major change round in both rooms and do not have space for them. The hall, stairs and landing have been painted recently so I will not be putting much in there either. I may bring some greenery in and wind round the banisters along with some bunting.


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