Thursday, 3 November 2016

Another Day At Tea Towel Mansion!!!

Dull, dry (or it has just started raining) and very cold here today so the fire is already lit for Andy who doesn't usually feel the cold as much as I do but with him spending so much time sitting he's feeling it now.

Lots of jobs done already this morning.
Andy got a cooked breakfast, washed up, fetched in the coal, two loads of towels washed and dried and another load is washing now, a rice pudding is cooking away in the slow cooker, tea is prepped ready to cook just before DD gets home and all the worktops have been tidied.
Now I am going to read the papers and then carry on with my pom poms......I have to make loads as I want to make this.........

I saw it on Baking Hot Christmas on Facebook and fell in love with it for the girls.....isn't it just so cute?

Did a bit of shopping at T***o last night and I actually managed to get some yellow sticker veg. Only two bags of Charlotte potatoes which were 19p each (usually £1) and a swede for 25p (usually £1). DD got two miniature pumpkins for 13p each (usually 99p I think) which she will be harvesting seed from to try and grow some in her gardens. I also got a lovely £10 bouquet of flowers for £2.50. We haven't had flowers in the house since Andy has been unable to drive and I have missed them.

Oh look at the time.......I expect Andy will be wanting a bit of lunch now. Best go and feed him before I get the

Thanks for dropping by and hello to new number has gone up quite a bit.


  1. PomPom snowman wreath is such a clever idea. I like the way the scarves follow the colour wheel all round. Good luck with all your winding and snipping.

  2. I love the snowman wreath, such a delight. I am sure it will be well loved.

  3. Ditto the above the wreath is brilliant. Yum slow cooker rice pudding lovely x

  4. Well done on the yellow sticker stuff - especially the flowers. Oh you have made me hungry for rice pudding - never thought about making it in the crock pot but that sounds like a very good idea.

  5. Lol Sandy.....I don't know why but if I make rice pudding in the oven it is always a case of 'how many lumps would you like'. When I make it in the crock pot I add a knob of butter and a good grating of nutmeg and it turns out delicious-x-

  6. I'm going to have a go at that wreath, it's so gorgeous! Might make a rice pud tonight actually - think I have a new bag in! Chill non the menu here. Loved your comment on today's post xxx it helps knowing someone else is going through it too! Not that they are going through it because I wouldn't wish it on anyone but I hope you know what I mean!

  7. Oh what a cute idea...Pom Pom snow people! Feel a mite sorry for the ones upside down though. x


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