Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Good News!!!

The first mad appointment day of the week went well with my blood pressure showing improvement due to the new medication and no adverse effects to my kidneys. Very pleased with that. Andy just had to see the doc with regards to some medication he needs to stop taking now that he has had his op and his appointment at the hospital was good. They are very pleased with his progress.

Back home by 1pm and a quick lunch before starting to tidy up and prep tea ready for my Doodle coming after school. Can't wait for a cuddle. She'll be here in just over an hour then the time she is here will whizz by. We'll take her home and that will be another day gone in the blink of an eye.

Tomorrow I should have been having Marlowe for the day and Ruby was coming here after school but there is no need now as DDIL's thing she was going to is cancelled so a change of plan to a furniture shifting day to hoover in all the corners before the tree goes up on Saturday. I will need to relocate Andy to the dining room out of my way and avoid him trying to help with the furniture and doing himself a mischief. Friday will then just be a pottering day and waiting for Ruby to come for her two night sleepover/ pre Christmas weekend.
Saturday I have an appointment at the opticians so DD will take Ruby round town in search of a particular Christmas film trilogy that she wants and then it will be home to put the tree up and then collapse on the sofa.
Honestly my life is madder now than it was when I was

Anyway I hope your day is busy or relaxing...however you want it to be.
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  1. Very glad to hear both you and Andy have had good news on the medical front. I bet you can't wait for weekend can you. What a lovely tradition you have with Ruby. I'm with you on the working front. If somebody asked me to put a full day in at the office now I'd be completely stumped as to when I could fit it in. Mind you, it's better to be busy than just sitting around moping isn't it. xx

  2. I am thrilled all went well with both of your medical situations. A lovely tradition to have Ruby for a pre Christmas weekend I bet they manage to get loads done while she is out of the way, win in situation for you all. Both my husband and I say we don't know how we ever had time to go to work.

  3. Good news all round...I sometimes think it's a good idea to banish hubby from the room...not so he doesn't hurt himself though! x


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