Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Long Day For The Patient!!!

Poor Old Andy.....he left the house before 7am yesterday and got back in after 6pm.
His staples and catheter were out before 9am but the rest of of the day was spent having a scan and then having to wait several hours for a second one.
He was exhausted and very hungry so got DD to pick up fish and chips on the way home so he wouldn't have wait for something to be cooked.
He is coping brilliantly today without the catheter. I am so proud of him.

DDIL very kindly went to Derby to collect the things that were needed from the hospital storage place and then she and Marlowe visited with us for a while.
Despite being full of cold and teething to boot Marlowe was such a smiley girl and had us in fits of laughing. I think she will be a comedienne.

After spending the day in a lovely clean and tidy house yesterday we are back to the usual pig sty. Andy really is a messy, untidy devil. His socks are on the coffee table, his Crocs are anywhere I can trip over them and there are boxes and boxes of medication on every available shelf or surface. He's kindly cleaned out the fireplace but there is ash all over the hearth and on the rug so I will need to get the hoover out again. I will grit my teeth and just get on with it.

Ruby day today so cottage pie for tea with lots and lots of gravy so she will be happy.
After we drop her home I need to go and do a quick top up shop and then once we are home I want to crack on with the snowman wreath I am making.

Andy is just on his way back from a walk round in the fresh air so I will go and make him some lunch and a warm drink. It's a bit nippy today.

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  1. Dear Sheila:

    Goodness you are a busy lady but pleased to hear all went well yesterday with Andy. Could he have nothing to eat due to the scans? Any news as to when he can drive?

    Enjoy your visit with Ruby. Take care of yourself, sit down once in awhile.

    Hugs from across the pond where I am still wearing shorts! Leaves are falling and rain forecast for this evening and then a cold front.


  2. Hi Sandy
    Not sure if his hunger was due to the scans or not but then again he is always hungry. I think he has hollow
    No driving until six weeks after his op as his car insurer doesn't cover him for that period after a general anaesthetic. I'm not sure it would be very comfortable for him anyway with the weakness in his water plant at the moment.
    No shorts here today. The sun is shining but it's got colder as the day has gone on. A fire tonight I think.

  3. On the road to recovery now.........good to hear

  4. I am thrilled all went well for Andy, it is so good to hear that he is on the mend. Enjoy your time with Ruby. I was smiling about Marlowe and how quickly the time goes by. I have had the stove lit all afternoon, Ged is feeling the cold with not been so good.

  5. It's turned bitter cold here today🙂 I am laughing my head off here as I think I may be living with your husband! Every morning i get up at 5 and tidy up. I call his corner the tramps bench. /socks where he's wiggles his feet out of them where they lie, cups, bowls, /sweetie wrappers, magazines etc
    He's so messy and he claims it's bc he can't bend down to pick up the stuff yet.
    He was exactly the same though pre surgery!!?

    No bake off. What will we watch???

  6. Lol Rachel....they may have been separated at birth.....and yes mine was also the same before his surgery-x-

  7. Sure they weren't triplets...hubby has post...envelopes or plastic wrapping on floor where they land. Claims not to know where anything is in the kitchen. Clothes on floor just discarded without a care. But I digress...great news about Andy. x

  8. I'm so glad things are going well. These are difficult days but they will be behind you soon. I often think of you all. Jane xx


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