17 November 2016

I Despair!!!

Just when I thought my short nursing career was coming to an end up it all starts again after Andy smashed his toe on the bed leg and ripped a chunk of his nail off.  I have had to sort that out for him before I start on anything else. A close eye will be kept on it as he is diabetic and foot injuries can turn nasty if not looked after properly.

Spiders beware....I am coming to get you today. I will be ferreting in every corner so there will be no hiding place.
The cobweb brush will be working overtime as I am ashamed to say decobwebbing has rather taken a back seat over the last few weeks. One corner of the lounge is so bad that I could spray the webs gold and leave them up for Christmas
Multitasking to the max today with laundry washing and drying while I am cleaning then once I am done downstairs I will be off up to the attic to get the bedroom ready for Ruby coming tomorrow.

Tea tonight will have to be something quick and easy so I will just open the fridge and see what falls out. DD bought home the last of the tomatoes from work that had ripened so I might just do some bacon with oven roasted tomatoes and some crusty bread.

No Sunday lunch to cook this week and no pub lunch as we have been invited to stay for lunch at DS's when we deliver Ruby home. Can't wait to try out their new sofa. It looks gorgeous so we shall see how comfy it is and whether I might want to become a permanent

Kettle on for a quick coffee and then on with the mucking out.

Have a lovely day.


  1. Ooh, poor OH, and poor you! I don't think I could look after someone else's ripped toenail, far too squeamish. Just reading about your busy day tires me out, lol. I did have to laugh at turning cobwebs into Xmas decorations....very inventive!

  2. OUCH and double ouch, now hopping round room in sympathy!!

  3. Still laughing about the Christmas décor cobwebs, I could join with a few of those. I intend to get my finger out and get some housework done tomorrow.

  4. Cobwebs can be a sign of a comfortable home though...relaxed...well that's my excuse! Ouch for Andy...I feel his pain. x

  5. Ouch! Andy is lucky to have you I'd have fainted on the spot. I couldn't even tend the children's cut knees when they were little, Mark had to do it. I used to think this ridiculous fear of blood and needles would eventually fade but it appears not. We've had plenty of spiders recently but they're evicted pretty sharpish to the garden so no time for them to spin a web :) xx

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