Sunday, 13 November 2016

Sunday Sunshine!!!

Honestly....our weather does make you swear.
Yesterday I could have done with a bit of sun and some dry so that I could take the girls to the park...... it rained.
Today we are stuck indoors as DD is at work so no transport with driving still being off limits for's bright and sunny.
Still....we had a fab few hours with DDIL and the girls.
Ruby is into dressing up with make up now so I had to patiently have my face made up several times and she can now do ponytails so I got my hair done too.
We played Operation which really makes me jump if you touch the metal and it buzzes. Ruby finds this hilarious.
After a lovely lunch Ruby decided she was going to be an office lady so I got down on the floor with Miss Marlowe who was exploring her sensory basket.
Lovely quality time with my girls.

Last night we snuggled up and watched the last in the trilogy of Hobbit films. I could watch those films every week.

A late lunch today of roast chicken, roast potatoes and brussels with peas and steamed carrots, stuffing and gravy. Mine and DD's favourite. Andy is not so keen....or so he says but his plate is always

We have a mad week of doctor and hospital appointments, opticians appointment, a whole day of childminding on Thursday and then Ruby arrives for the weekend on Friday. It's going to be busy.

Hope you are all having a nice weekend.


  1. Oh what a good Ganma you are...enjoy the rest of your weekend. x

  2. Always good to spend quality time with the Grandchildren, they grow up so quickly. We had a treat today and went out for Sunday lunch. Take care.

  3. It seems Roast chicken is o a few bloggers menu over the week end, I do like a roast chicken we had one last night, take care and dont get too frazzled with appointments this week


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