29 November 2016

Winter Wonderland!!!

Well it's not quite the snow I would love to see but we did wake up to a very heavy frost this morning. Very nipsy on the fingers, toes and noses but very pretty too. It has stayed all day.....the lawn is till white.

Andy and I went for a ride up to the garden centre to pick up part of DD's Christmas gift and we were very surprised by how quiet it was. We were there just before lunchtime and we expected there to be a few coaches of OAP's but there wasn't even one. I was quite disappointed as I do love to hear the old ladies marvelling over the modern Christmas decorations and light up things.
When I used to work there I had the most darling old lady come up to me and ask if I would look at a fibre optic tree with her and tell her if I thought it would look OK in the corner of her living room. I managed to keep a straight face and tell her that I wasn't sure what her living room was like but if she liked it then it would probably be fine. I'll never forget the joy on her face as she told her friend that she was going all mod and having a plug in was priceless.

The fire is lit now and we are starting to get cosy although my hands are freezing still. I bet DD's will be even colder so I will go and put the kettle on and make a cup of tea for when she gets in to warm her up.

After tea I am going to try and finish the snowman wreath so that I can give it to Ruby tomorrow. I have failed big time on getting the Advent calendars sewn up so Ruby will have the one I made last year and as Marlowe is too young to know what is going on I will just give her the money I was going to put in hers. My crafting mojo has well and truly disappeared this year which I am very sad about.

I hope you are all keeping warm and cosy today.
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  1. I hope your crafting mojo comes back soon....mine comes and goes too.

  2. I have enjoyed our frosty morning landscapes. They're beautiful aren't they? I can cope with the cold as long as it's not wet and windy. I did chuckle at your old lady story.
    I do hope you manage to finish the snowman wreath. I lost my crafting mojo in the Summer. Thankfully it returned to me along with the cooler weather. It's finding the time to craft that I struggle with. X

  3. Which garden centre was that? Son informs me our Chinese came from Capitol in Uttoxeter. Freezing here too. x

  4. My crafting mojo has also gone - not to be found this side of Christmas!

  5. I'm sure it will be New Year new start with your crafting mojo! It is definitely the day to stay warm by the fire if you can. Jane xx

  6. You have been so busy of late that something had to give. I'm currently ignored no what I should be doing and am asitying knitting hats!

  7. Love the story about the little old lady and the Christmas tree. I've put all my sewing away for now. I need a clear head and dining table for all the things happening in December. I have some ideas for a couple of quilts so it'll be nice to get started on them in the New Year. xx


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