Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Wild Night!!!

Another restless night tossing and turning and another nightmare. I really must mention this to the doctor when I see her in the morning as one of my meds has a side effect of nightmares.
Night inside matched the night outside where it was very windy and wild.
Today is cold, dark and damp so I am off to fetch the coal in shortly so we can light the fire. It's not my favourite job but Andy is still not allowed to lift.

Something hot and tasty for tea I think so what about tuna and sweetcorn bake? Yes I think that will do very nicely along with some steamed veg.

Some Christmas shopping has been achieved thanks to the Argos reservation service and DD to go and collect so I am almost done with gifts for Ruby apart from a couple of things I need from Derby when we can fit in a visit.
I haven't an idea in my head what to do for Andy this year. He has one hobby and has all of the equipment for that and I really don't want to resort to DVD's and clothes. My brain is in for a really good workout I can see.

I am really fancying a hot chocolate so I will wait for Andy to get back from his walk with Smudge and have one before I go and haul that coal in.

Hope you are all warm and snuggly.


  1. One of the side effects of statins for me was the nightmares-I couldn't believe the difference after I stopped. Was a very mild night here in pur part of Scotland and the winter duvet was much too warm. Hope you are feeling better today. Catriona

  2. Love the idea of tuna bake, I have some bacon to use up, a handful of grated cheese lurking in the furthest corner of the fridge and lots of eggs, so impossible quiche it is.
    I haven't given a thought to Christmas gifts, James has not responded to my request for a list and I will be talking to Fran this evening.
    I intend to have a very cosy, lazy and low key time this year, it will be the first one ever.

  3. The tuna bake sounds delicious. I haven't had that in ages.
    I hope you get a better nights sleep tonight Sheila. Nightmares are no fun whatever the reason for them.
    I now usually get my other half 'memories' instead of 'stuff' for Christmas or birthdays. He's had couple of nights away, a behind the scenes tour of the Manchester City stadium (I know!), indoor skydiving, even dog sledding. Not all at once though. 😊

  4. Sorry to hear about your nightmares, here's hoping for a better night tonight.

  5. Hope the nightmares don't continue Sheila. I find men really hard to buy for in general. At least this year Mark has his boating hobby and I've been given a wish list of stuff he'd like, which is fine by me as I'd rather get him something he wants. I'm sure you'll come up with something. xx

  6. Oh you poor thing...nightmares are no fun at all and leave you shaken for a good while afterwards. Hope the combination of a heartwarming fire, a cup of hot chocolate, a delicious tuna pasta bake, and the love of a good man banish them to a far district place. x


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