Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Feeling Happier.......!!! that I have a bit more of the Christmas stuff done.
I just need to pick up a couple of tops for Ruby to go with the other clothes I got her and a small toy for Marlowe to go with the clothes I bought for her.
The Christmas ham is bought and in the freezer. A smaller one this year as I get sick to death of eating the leftovers for weeks on end.
This weekend I will get the stuffing and bread sauce made and frozen and pick up a turkey crown and that will be Christmas dinner sorted apart from the fresh veg.
Aaaaaah....I feel like I am getting somewhere now.

Andy has requested a roast dinner today so beef and all the trimmings it is. He has prepped all the veg for me so once I have the living room cleaned and ready for the tree decorating I will get everything cooked and plated up so we can eat quickly. Ruby is only here for a couple of hours and I want to give her time to see the tree finished. The lights are on and the topper is done so it's only a matter of putting on the other decs.
I think for the first time ever....I will be glad when Christmas is all over and done with this year.

Right.....Andy has taken the Smudge out for his walk so I will go and get on with some tidying and cleaning.....or should I do it after coffee when he gets back....decisions,

Thanks for dropping by today and for comments left yesterday.


  1. Nice to get some of the Christmassy things sorted,not so much to do in one go then.
    Enjoy the Roast Beef.x

  2. I am on my way, I could just eat roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

  3. It certainly sounds like it's coming along. My crafty things are getting done but not a lot else. My daughter is moving in this time too and she'll be moving again after Christmas so struggling to get everything done. Grrr.

  4. Oh plotting and planning for making things....but time...where has this year gone? x

  5. You're doing so well. Oh dear I better get going! Jane xx

  6. First time for me on this blog hop. Looking forward to seeing some beautiful cards!

  7. Blimey you could have Christmas in November! Really love your blog Thanks LJ


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