Saturday, 5 November 2016

A Big Day For The Patient!!!

Thank you all for your lovely comments. You are such a fabulous bunch of ladies.

Well today is a big day for Andy. DD has taken him for a ride into town and with instructions not to carry anything heavy he is going to have a little walk around the shops. It will be three weeks tomorrow since the last time he was in town. He was quite excited.
Another outing tomorrow as DD is taking us out for lunch at the pub. I will be glad of the break from cooking and washing up.
Andy won't be able to have a beer for a good while yet so he will have to make do with a soft drink but as long as he is out and about he won't mind that.

I have stayed at home because I want to give the kitchen cupboard doors and the tiles a good scrub and rearrange the stuff on the worktops. The microwave needs a wipe inside and out before I move it as well.
I'll get all this done today and then I can have a full day off tomorrow....yay!!!

A Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary to my darling Son and Daughter in Law.
I hope they have a wonderful time today in Nottingham and a good sleep tonight.
We popped in to see them last night and Marlowe was very fractious. Still full of the most horrible cold and DDIL looks exhausted. Normally I would offer to have the girls over night to give her a break but with having to look after Andy it would have been too much. Once he's completely back on his feet I will be able to do more.

We have some lovely sunshine today.....hope you do too.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Many congratulations to your son and daughter in law.
    I hope Andy enjoys his time in town and you are able to use that time to get on with the chores. I always find having my other half in the house means I can't get on the same. It's sunny and windy here today, so how is it that it's the one day I have no laundry to do?!! X

  2. Dear Sheila:

    Following a long illness ordinary things that I took for granted, like sleep, driving a car, grocery shopping and simply walking I became very thankful for and do hope I will never complain again about silly things. Life is full of lessons. So pleased that Andy is out today on what some would probably turn their nose up at but those of us who have been there fully understand the joy he is feeling.

    Happy anniversary to your son and sweet daughter-in-law. I am sure they do appreciate all you have done to help them in the past and will again do more once Andy is back on his feet.

    Glad you have some sunshine.


  3. Andy let out without a license? Hope he returned before the clouds opened...ours chucked copious amounts of hail at us today. x

  4. Thrilled to hear Andy was able to get out and about, hope he came back with something nice for you. Belated Anniversary wishes to your son and daughter in law. Enjoy your meal out today.

  5. Happy to hear Andy has been able to get out of the house again. Your poor DDIL, I feel so sorry for her. I've always said they don't use sleep deprivation as a form of torture for nothing - it's horrendous. Hope they have a lovely break and lots of sleep :) xx


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