Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The 'F' Word!!!

No....not that one.......frost is what I am talking
DD had to scrape the car windows this morning before she could go to work. Not a nice job when you have just got out of a nice warm bed so I am glad I gave her some leftover Spag Bol to heat up for her lunch today.
It was a good ground frost but not quite as good as this one.......

December 7th 2010
 ......and that is pure frost.....not a bit of snow in was beautiful and made our little estate look like a winter wonderland.

The outside freezer is finally empty and switched off ready to be cleaned out. Once it's all sparkiling and clean I can make a start on gathering my Christmas meat and other goodies although I need to find out if DS and family want to come to us before I decide on the size of the turkey crown I am buying.

Just a quiet day for Andy and I today. Nothing major to do. Tea is a fry/grill up to use up some hash browns and frozen mushrooms found in the bottom of the outside freezer.
I might see if we can find a film to watch for the afternoon.

Hope you are all keeping warm today.


  1. That's a fabulous frosty photograph Sheila. It was a bit frosty and very cold here this morning but the air was lovely and still when I popped out first thing. Stay cosy. X

  2. Lovely picture would be great on a Christmas card. I don't like this cold x

  3. My little toes are cold and damp...thanks to Heidi dribbling her water over the kitchen floor. It's been very cold here today...the fire took some persuading to light when I came home from work, but thankfully it's now going like a good'un. Especially as we're experiencing electrical tripping issues and may need to finish the tea on it. x

  4. What a gorgeous picture! Wish we had some of your cold...our temperature today in Florida is in the 80's but thankfully the central air has been off since the weekend, saving some money. It's very sunny and breezy as well.

  5. It was frosty here too particularly early 0630 in the morning. We drove down to Norwich to help with the children as our daughter had a small operation on her hand. Took us longer than anticipated to get there.


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