07 November 2016

A Day Of Firsts For Marlowe!!!

Lovely news this morning from the Doodle household.....Marlowe has popped her first tooth and she has sat on her own for the first time.
DDIL sent me a photo of her and even with her nasty cold she had the most beautiful smile on her little face.
I am hoping the popping of the tooth will bring a little bit more of a peaceful time and more sleep for Mummy and Daddy.

I managed to pick up a couple of small Christmas gifts for Ruby yesterday to go into my sad little carrier bag. I could do with a full day out to concentrate on just gift shopping to get it done and out of the way although I have to be honest.....there isn't much out there that is very inspiring. I wish we hadn't had to put our plans for New York on hold this year else I would be on the way there in three weeks time. I did all my shopping there three years ago and it was all so easy.

Today will just be a pottering day. Spag Bol for tea so I will put the sauce on to cook, tidy the dining room and do a couple of loads of laundry, fetch the coal in just in case Andy wants a fire later and that will be me done for the day job wise.

Andy is getting stronger every day and has been for a longer walk this morning. He doesn't know what to do with himself the rest of the time though and is getting fed up of sitting and watching tv or films. I did suggest getting a jigsaw and got one of those looks that should have shrivelled me to

Anyhoo....I am off for a coffee. No papers as we have to wait for DD to come home. That's the one thing I am missing with Andy not being able to drive at the moment.

It's sunny here so I hope it is where you are too.


  1. Your bored patient could peel a spot of ironing...a little darning if jigsaws don't suit! Or he could come here and do our VAT. x

  2. A good book or crossword puzzle might be an alternative. Good news that he his on the mend and fantastic to hear about Marlowe, they certainly are not babies for long are they?

  3. Gift shopping what's that, still on Xmas phobic mode , it wouldn't matter if I won the lottery I wouldn't tell them till new year


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