Monday, 21 November 2016

The North Wind Doth Blow!!!

Well actually I don't know where the wind is coming from but it's flippin' cold and has been thrashing it down with rain for hours.
Not the kind of day to be out and about but Andy and I braved it and went out this morning for a ride to the farm shop and into the little town.......his first big drive since his op.
Despite the foul weather we both enjoyed being out in the fresh air and managed to pick up what we needed for the week so we don't have to go out again if it carries on like this for the rest of the week.
I am waiting to see if it dies down a bit before I go and do battle with the coal bunker. I can't handle taking the big coal container down even with the parcel truck we have so I have to fetch up four smaller buckets to fill it. It's a right old job any time but in this wind I run the risk of being decapitated by the bunker lid.
We have just about enough in to last until DD gets home so she can hold the lid while I get the coal.

I missed snuggling up to my Doodle last night and the sound of her breathing. I'd love for her to have another sleepover before Christmas but they have two weekends away in London and various other things going on so I doubt we'll manage it.
We had a lovely lunch with DS and family yesterday and I got to play with Marlowe Gigglebritches. Unless she is hungry or tired she is the most good tempered baby. I don't think it will be long before she is crawling now. She's desperate to get moving judging by her antics yesterday.

I've not done a stroke of housework today but do you know....I couldn't care less. Today is a day for hunkering down and snuggling and that is what we have done since we got in.

Hope it's a bit drier and calmer where you are.



  1. It's blowing up a storm out here too and hasn't stopped raining all day, definitely a curl up at home day xx

  2. Sadly it is no better here. I have got to go out and get some logs brought in but other than that it is definitely a stay in and craft day.

  3. Oops....must have sent up some wet and windy weather to you...I hardly went outside all day. The last part of our drive home last night was awful due to the weather conditions. x

  4. Stormy here too. I love giggly babies. Just too adorable!


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