Monday, 28 November 2016

Here Comes The Sun!!!

Hello on this glorious sunny, blue sky morning. It really is beautiful out there today.

After a lovely lazy Sunday there are a couple of things I need to catch up on but at least I don't need to cook for tea as I got that done yesterday. I just threw some chicken breasts in the slow cooker with some onion, smokey barbecue sauce, Worcestershire Sauce and some brown sugar, whacked it on for a few hours and hey presto....pulled chicken which will only need heating through and I'll serve it in rolls with some corn on the cob on the side. I managed to find some in Iceland. T***o don't stock the frozen one in the winter.....or at least ours doesn't.

My grey stripe didn't get magicked away yesterday. DD is exhausted and has a long week ahead of her this week before she has her two weeks of annual leave and she didn't feel like doing it last night. She says it will be done tonight.

Andy and I haven't been out for a wander this morning as he had to go to the doctors' so we might do that tomorrow. I have a full loyalty card for the gorgeous coffee shop we go to so that will mean one of our drinks will be free.

I also didn't get completely sorted in the attic but we have plenty of time to to get that done when DD is on holiday. We want to make sure that everything is wrapped and hidden before Miss Doodle comes for the weekend on the 9th December.

Today I have promised Andy that I will make him a bread and butter pudding with the Panetonne thing he bought home the other day so I will go and do that before we snuggle up to watch the Christmas film on Channel 5.

Hope you are having a wonderful day whatever you are doing.


  1. Now that will be a fantastic pudding, I can almost smell it.

  2. Mmmmm....chicken sounds lovely...darn those calories! x


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