Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Windy Wednesday!!!

Thank you for your comments yesterday........and yes I do keep stroking the carpet.......and taking my slippers off and squidging my toes in

Well it's a bit wild outside this morning. Blue skies and sunshine and a wind that would take the hairs off your legs. Why couldn't this have been yesterday when I washed the towels?

I got pretty much most of my tidying done yesterday with just a little more to finish today. One bag of stuff for the incinerator and two bags for the charity shop.
Tomorrow will be my least favourite bit......moving the table out so that I can hoover right into the corners. It's a bit of a tight squeeze in this room and everything has to be shufted one way and then the other until it's all done.

Flu jab day today so I will have a very sore arm for a few days as I always do. It always feels like I've been punched with a jack hammer rather than the little thin needle they use....I don't know why.

Once I have finished here I am going to get on with cooking tea and plating it up so that Ruby can have hers as soon as she comes in. She is always so hungry when she gets in from school.....even more so now that she finishes later and doesn't arrive here until just before 4pm.
Sausages with new potatoes, veg, stuffing, gravy and apple sauce tonight so that will please just about everybody I think.
I might have a coffee first though. I've not been having one every day just particular reason......just busy I guess.

Anyway hope you all have a lovely day today.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Windy here too, great day for getting the washing dry. Enjoy your time with Ruby, I have Bertie and Honey coming on Friday, exciting times.

  2. Very windy down here also. Love the look of the new carpet. x

  3. I got the washing out yesterday it dried lovely in the wind :-)


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